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Regional Economic Analysis Profiles

The purpose of these reports are to help align the state’s workforce institutions and programs around the needs of economic market industry clusters. Industry clusters are groups of associated industries in a geographic area that stimulate the creation of new businesses and job opportunities in a particular field. These reports focus on the future employment demand of economic market industry clusters and features them as primary investment opportunities for California’s workforce development system. The goal of these reports is to account for industry clusters with the largest number of future job opportunities and help California’s workforce development system prepare the state’s workforce to compete for these future employment opportunities.

The following is a list of current customers:

  • California Workforce Investment Board
  • Local Workforce Investment Boards
  • Slingshot Partner Organizations
  • America’s Job Centers of CaliforniaSM

The following is a list of potential customers:

  • Statewide, Regional, and Local Educational and Training Institutions
  • Statewide, Regional, and Local Economic Development Organizations
  • Business and Industry Groups
  • Researchers

LMID Economic Markets and Sub Markets for Regional Economic Analysis Profiles
The LMID created the framework for LMID economic markets and sub markets based on county-to-county commute pattern analysis, industry sector analysis, and localized input from LMID consultants stationed across California.

Regional Economic Analysis Profiles