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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

California Staffing Patterns

Staffing Patterns are a list of the occupations employed within a particular industry, or a list of the industries that employ a particular occupation.  Job seekers or training providers may use these lists to contact appropriate employers for job openings. And employers or economic developers may use these lists to determine the kinds of jobs they need in a particular company or business.

The Staffing Patterns can be used to Find Local Employers.
Search for employers by industry, occupation, geography, or name. The employer data is collected and distributed by Infogroup, a private company.

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Staffing Patterns by Industry

Staffing Patterns by Occupation

What Occupations are employed in an Industry?
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What Industries employ a particular Occupation?
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Download the Entire California Industry-Occupation Staffing Patterns in an Excel format. Choose your format for download: Compressed - .zip | Uncompressed - .xls

Search Tips

  • Use the plural form of the occupation. For example, "teachers" instead of "teacher" or "secretaries" instead of "secretary".
  • In order to see a more complete list of possible occupations or industries, use a keyword that is less specific to search.  For example, if you want "food workers", then search for "food".  Or use part of a word.  If you want the industry "Veterinary Services" or the occupation "Veterinarians," then search for "vet."
  • If you can't find what you want, try looking through the complete lists of available Occupations or Industries.

About the data

These data come from the Industry and Occupation Employment Projections program of the Employment Development Department.  See the Occupational Projections - Introduction and Methods and the Industry Projections - Introduction and Methods for more information.  Some occupation/industry combinations may not be included to protect employer confidentiality or because the base survey resulted in a large standard error.

The Industry and Occupation Staffing Patterns are presented to provide users with a general idea of the industry or occupation distribution.  The employment counts shown are for the state of California.  Although there will be some regional differences depending upon the specific businesses present, the distribution of occupations within an industry, or industries within an occupation, should be similar for other levels of geography.  For example, "Carpenters" will be one of the largest occupations in "Residential Building Construction" in any geographic area.

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