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Green Activities - State of Ohio

A research consortium of the Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio Labor Market Information Offices tackling changes in the auto industry and resulting workforce needs.

Driving Workforce Change: Regional Impact and Implications of Auto Industry Transformation to a Green Economy (May 2011)
Published in May 2011, this report explores how the auto industry is evolving, the impacts that is having on automakers and the supply chain, and alternative career pathways for the displaced workforce.

Ohio Green Pathways
In July 2009, Ohio Green Pathways was launched as a collaboration of the University System of Ohio and the Ohio Environmental Council. Ohio Green Pathways links education and training opportunities available in the University System of Ohio with jobs in green industries across our state.

The Ohio Green Pathways project works to develop the University System of Ohio's capacity to produce a green collar workforce by:

  • Establishing Ohio as the number one green industry leader

  • Expanding access to affordable education and defined career pathways for green industries

  • Increasing the number of graduates and attracting more degree holders from out of state

  • Building and marketing Ohio's green job pathways as an economic development tool to help businesses find quality employees and attract businesses to Ohio
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