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Green Activities - State of Washington

In 2008, the Washington State Legislature passed the Governor's Climate Change and Green Collar Jobs bill, House Bill 2815. See the Washington's Green Economy for links and more information. One of the tasks will include The Green Economy Initiative study. The study is in the early implementation phase, with regular review and involvement from all partners named in the bill.

Study Goal: To identify green economic sectors, industries, businesses and jobs, and to measure growth in green-economy businesses and jobs over time.


Timeline: Survey launched in late July. Preliminary findings available mid-December.

Findings: This report presents the findings of a survey of private-sector employers in Washington state. The goal of the survey was to identify the number and type of jobs in the state’s emerging green economy and to establish a baseline measure that can be used to track industry and job growth in Washington’s “green economy.”

For more information, contact:
    Greg Weeks, Ph.D., Director
    telephone: (360) 438-4804

    Dave Wallace

    Labor Market and Economic Analysis
    Employment Security Department
    P.O. Box 9046
    Olympia, WA 98507-9046

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