Historical Data for Unemployment Rate and Labor Force (Not Seasonally Adjusted) in Riverside County
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2022Not AdjNot PrelimJan1,154,7001,089,80064,9005.6
2022Not AdjNot PrelimFeb1,162,5001,105,00057,6005.0
2022Not AdjNot PrelimMar1,166,0001,116,20049,8004.3
2022Not AdjNot PrelimApr1,151,6001,108,20043,4003.8
2022Not AdjPrelimMay1,148,6001,110,10038,5003.4
2021Not AdjNot PrelimJan1,119,3001,018,500100,7009.0
2021Not AdjNot PrelimFeb1,126,3001,028,60097,7008.7
2021Not AdjNot PrelimMar1,123,8001,029,40094,3008.4
2021Not AdjNot PrelimApr1,115,1001,024,30090,8008.1
2021Not AdjNot PrelimMay1,118,2001,034,90083,4007.5