Unemployment Rate and Labor Force (Not Seasonally Adjusted) in State of California
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Plumas County 2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan7,6606,77089011.6
Bodega Bay CDP2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan50040002.2
Denair CDP2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan2,5002,4001004.2
Greenville CDP2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan220220103.1
Santa Barbara County 2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan217,900206,50011,4005.2
Shasta County 2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan75,00070,4004,7006.2
Lake Almanor West CDP2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan60501015.5
Mentone CDP2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan5,3005,1002004.0
Mountain View CDP2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan1,4001,4001006.2
Occidental CDP2019Not AdjNot PrelimJan50050000.0