Historical Data for State Revenues by Source in California
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2018AnnualPersonal Income Tax $100,958,015
2018AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $37,881,567
2018AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $25,180,467
2018AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $14,062,543
2018AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $7,557,711
2018AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $4,599,275
2018AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,935,172
2018AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,722,787
2018AnnualCigarette Tax $2,077,224
2018AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $377,662