Historical Data for Median Price of Existing Homes Sold in Alameda County
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2019AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$914,227
2018AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$926,358
2017AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$851,017
2016AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$772,417
2015AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$719,477
2014AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$649,572
2013AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$568,378
2012AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$430,186
2011AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$399,088
2010AnnualMedian Price of Homes Sold$432,978

Data from the California Association of Realtors