Historical Data for Measures of Income in San Bernardino County
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2018AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$40,3162,178,940
2018AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$87,550,0042,178,940
2017AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$38,8162,163,561
2017AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$83,741,5612,163,561
2016AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$37,5142,140,096
2016AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$80,171,7222,140,096
2015AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$35,4312,128,133
2015AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$75,402,8962,128,133
2014AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$21,3522,140,096
2014AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$74,6312,140,096