Historical Data for Measures of Income in Sacramento County
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2017AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$50,1971,520,685
2017AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$76,832,1201,520,685
2016AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$48,8501,514,460
2016AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$73,922,2951,514,460
2015AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$46,5391,501,335
2015AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$69,870,4821,501,335
2014AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$27,3151,514,460
2014AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$83,6331,514,460
2013AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$43,4381,462,131
2013AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$63,512,5411,462,131