California Occupational License

License Title:
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Licensing Agency:
     Department of Consumer Affairs
     Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

Licensing Agency Contact Information:
     Address: 2420 Del Paso Road, Suite 100
Sacramento,  CA  95834

     Phone Number: (800) 952-5210
     Fax Number: (916) 575-7280

     E-mail Address:
     Internet Address:

License Requirements, Fees, and Examination Information:
Barber, cosmetology, and Electrology apprentices.

Fees: Application: $25.

Examination Frequency: Examination not required for apprentice license. This is a 2-year hands-on training program. Examination required to obtain barber or cosmetology licenses.

Exam Locations: N/A

Experience Requirement: Apprentices in barbering and cosmetology must:
(1) Be at least 16 years of age;

(2) Complete the 10th grade in a California public school or its equivalent;

(3) Provide evidence acceptable to the bureau that the apprentice training received shall be conducted in a licensed establishment under the supervision of a licensed trainer approved by the bureau; and,

(4) Complete the required pre-apprentice training of 39 hours for barbers or 40 hours for cosmetologists in a facility approved by the bureau prior to serving the general public.

Average Time to Process Application: 2-4 weeks.

Renewal Period: N/A

Special License Requirements: The board may deny a license on the grounds that the applicant has one of the following:

(1) Been convicted of a crime;

(2) Done any act involving dishonesty, fraud or deceit with the intent to substantially benefit himself or another or substantially injure another; or

(3) Done any act which if done by a licentiate of the business or profession in question, would be grounds for suspension or revocation of license.

The board may deny a license if the crime or act is substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of the business or profession for which application is made. (Section 480, Division 1.5 of the Business and Professions Code)

Comments: Apprentices may perform only those services on the general public for which they have received technical training. Apprentices shall be required to obtain at least the minimum hours of technical instruction and minimum number of practical operations for each subject.

Authority: Business and Professions Code, Chapter 10, Division 3.
Occupations To Which This License Applies:
Occupation TitleSOC Code
Barbers 395011