California Occupational License

License Title:
    Certified Shorthand Reporters License
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Licensing Agency:
     Department of Consumer Affairs
     Court Reporters Board of California

Licensing Agency Contact Information:
     Address: 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 230
Sacramento,  CA  95833

     Phone Number: (877) 327-5272
     Fax Number: (916) 263-3664

     Internet Address:

License Requirements, Fees, and Examination Information:
Persons reporting a verbatim record of any oral court proceeding, deposition, or proceeding before any grand jury, referee, or court commissioner.

Fees: Examination: $40 application fee, $25 per exam
License: $125
Renewal: $125

Examination Frequency: Three times each year.

Exam Locations: Various.

Experience Requirement: 18 years of age, high school graduate and pass Board examination. In order to qualify for the exam a person must submit evidence that prior to submitting an application he or she has met one of the following five criteria:

1) One year's experience taking verbatim records of judicial proceedings, by shorthand or by machine shorthand.
2) Verified certificate of satisfactory completion in a recognized California court reporting school and ability to make a verbatim record from dictated material.
3) National Court Reporters Association Certificate of Proficiency or Certificate of Merit.
4) Passing grade on the California State Hearing Reporters Examination.
5) Valid Certified Shorthand Reporters Certificate or license issued by another state, which is approved by the Board.

Average Time to Process Application: 60 days.

Renewal Period: Annually.

Special License Requirements: N/A

Comments: The Court Reporters Board is required by the Legislature to establish and maintain a standard of competency in court and deposition reporting for the protection of litigants' rights to personal freedom and property, and the public in general.

Authority: Business and Professions Code, Sections 8000-8031.
California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Sections 2400-2471.
Occupations To Which This License Applies:
Occupation TitleSOC Code
Court Reporters 232091