California Occupational License

License Title:
    Hospital Inspector Certification
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Licensing Agency:
     Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development
     Facilities Development Division
     Division Support Section

Licensing Agency Contact Information:
     Address: 400 R Street, Room 200
Sacramento,  CA  95811

     Phone Number: (916) 440-8300
     Fax Number: (916) 324-9118

     Internet Address:

License Requirements, Fees, and Examination Information:
All inspectors hired by facilities to inspect acute care and skilled nursing construction must be Certified by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, Facilities Development Division. Hospital Inspectors: Class A, B & C

Fees: Application $100.00; Examination $300.00; Recertification $100.00

Examination Frequency: Biannually (twice a year).

Exam Locations: Sacramento, Los Angeles

Experience Requirement: Varies by Class
Class A – 6 years experience with Type I/II
construction inspection
Class B – 4 years experience with Type I/II
construction inspection
Class C – 4 years general inspection experience
Details defined in the regulations and on the web site.

Average Time to Process Application: 4 weeks

Renewal Period: Every three years

Special License Requirements: N/A

Comments: N/A

Authority: Administrative Regulations, Part 1, Title 24, Article 19.
Occupations To Which This License Applies:
Occupation TitleSOC Code
Construction and Building Inspectors 474011