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Census of Employment & Wages (ES202)[Top]
Industry LevelIndustry CodeIndustry TitleYearTime PeriodOwnershipNo. of FirmsAvg EmpAvg Weekly WagesTotal Wages
45411 Legal Services 20211st QtrPrivate23,958139,821$2,301$4,182,103,794
45412 Accounting and Bookkeeping Services 20211st QtrPrivate19,473130,801$1,634$2,777,888,995
45413 Architectural and Engineering Services 20211st QtrPrivate17,571182,594$2,038$4,837,281,536
45414 Specialized Design Services 20211st QtrPrivate6,80023,733$1,645$507,476,570
45415 Computer Systems Design and Rel Services20211st QtrPrivate31,386335,129$4,456$19,411,296,072
45416 Management & Technical Consulting Svc 20211st QtrPrivate43,034201,709$2,146$5,626,441,341
45417 Scientific Research and Development Svc 20211st QtrPrivate6,006165,844$4,622$9,964,788,422
45418 Advertising and Related Services 20211st QtrPrivate7,10954,223$2,176$1,533,842,351
45419 Other Professional & Technical Services 20211st QtrPrivate9,71274,398$1,424$1,377,725,594
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Industry Projections of Employment[Top]
Industry LevelIndustry CodeIndustry TitleEmploymentAnnual Growth
Rate %
0000000Total, All Industries 16,479,40018,269,0001,789,6001.0

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