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Gaming Dealers in Ventura County

May also be called: 21 Dealers; Baccarat Dealers; Blackjack Dealers; Card Dealers; Casino Dealers; Games Dealers; Pai Gow Dealers; and Poker Dealers

What Would I Do?

Gaming Dealers operate table games such as blackjack and various types of poker. They provide cards and other gaming material to players or run the equipment. Dealers also monitor the patrons for cheating or underage gambling. They determine winners, calculate and pay winning bets, and collect losing bets.

Dealers often work part time, weekends, and holidays. They may stand or sit for long periods and reach over tables to collect and provide cards or other game-related items including bets and winnings. The atmosphere in casinos exposes workers to certain hazards such as cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke. Noise from slot machines, gaming tables, other employees, and patrons may be distracting to some.

Will This Job Fit Me?

The job of Gaming Dealer may appeal to those who enjoy following set procedures and working with data and details rather than ideas. Prospective Dealers should also like to make decisions quickly. Work should not involve too much paperwork, but rather more practical and hands-on problems and solutions as well as interacting with customers.

What Wages and Benefits Can I Expect?

In addition to their wages, Gaming Dealers often earn tips to help supplement their income.

The median wage in 2020 for Gaming Dealers in California is $25,494 annually, or $12.26 hourly. The median is the point at which half of the workers earn more and half earn less.

Annual Wages for 2020Low
(25th percentile)
(50th percentile)
(75th percentile)
Source: EDD/LMID Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, 2020 at Wages do not reflect self-employment.

Hourly Wages for 2020Low
(25th percentile)
(50th percentile)
(75th percentile)
Source: EDD/LMID Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, 2020 at Wages do not reflect self-employment.

Benefit packages vary by employer and may include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as vacation, sick leave, and retirement plans.

What is the Job Outlook?

As a result of individuals attempting to make the dream of winning big at casinos a reality, there should continue to be job opportunities for Dealers. However, like many occupations, employment may be sensitive to fluctuations in the economy.

How Do I Qualify?

Each casino establishes its own education, training, and experience requirements. In addition, most Dealers have a high school diploma or equivalent along with additional training and knowledge of table games. Licenses and work permits are required to work as Dealers in California casinos and card rooms. Preemployment drug tests, fingerprinting, and background checks are also required. Gaming Dealers must audition for the position to prove not only their proficiency to deal and operate the games, but also their ability to interact with customers.

Finding a Job

Direct application to employers remains the most effective job search method for Gaming Dealers. Applicants can also find employment opportunities through networking. Newspaper classified ads and the Internet provide additional sources for job listings. Online job opening systems include JobCentral at and CalJOBSSM at

To find your nearest One-Stop Career Center, go to Service Locator. View the helpful job search tips for more resources. (requires Adobe Reader).

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