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Computer Programmers in San Bernardino County

May also be called: Programmer Analysts; Programmers; Software Developers or Engineers; Mainframe Programmers; Web Programmers; and Web Application Developers

Specialties within this occupation include: Applications Programmers and Systems Programmers

What Would I Do?

Computer Programmers write, test, and maintain programs or software that tell the computer what to do. They convert project specifications and statements of problems and procedures into detailed, logical flow charts for coding into computer language.

Computer Programmers generally work in an office environment. Most Programmers work a standard 40-hour week; however, they are known to work long hours with intense workloads and tight deadlines.

Will This Job Fit Me?

The job of Computer Programmer will appeal to those who enjoy activities that involve working with ideas, and that require an extensive amount of thinking.

What Wages and Benefits Can I Expect?

The median wage in 2022 for Computer Programmers in California is N/A annually. The median is the point at which half of the workers earn more and half earn less.

Annual Wages for 2022Low
(25th percentile)
(50th percentile)
(75th percentile)
Source: EDD/LMID Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, 2022 at www.labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov/data/wages.html Wages do not reflect self-employment.

Most companies offer benefit packages that include sick leave, vacation, holidays, retirement, and stock-option plans.

What is the Job Outlook?

Job growth for Computer Programmers is expected to be much slower than that of other computer professionals. Many factors are contributing to the slow growth.

How Do I Qualify?

There are many training paths available for Programmers. Employers’ needs vary and the level of education and experience employers seek is increasing due to the growing number of qualified applicants and the specialization involved with most programming tasks.

Finding a Job

Networking is important in this occupation, since many Computer Programmers find work through referrals and word of mouth. Direct application to employers is also an effective job search method. Online job opening systems include JobCentral at www.jobcentral.com and CalJOBSSM at www.caljobs.ca.gov.

To find your nearest One-Stop Career Center, go to Service Locator. View the helpful job search tips for more resources. (requires Adobe Reader).

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Printed on Friday, August 12, 2022