Information for the License:

Physician and Surgeon

Licensing Agency:

Agency or Department Name:  Department of Consumer Affairs
Board or Council Name:  Medical Board of California
Division Name: Licensing Program
Telephone:  (916) 263-2382
Agency Web Address:

License Description:
     (Always confirm this information with the licensing agency.)

Doctor of Medicine.

Fees: Application and fingerprint: $491.00
Initial license: $808, reduces to $416.50 to those enrolled in postgraduate training at time of licensure.  Biennial: $808.

Examination Frequency:  Ongoing national exam administered by Federation of State Medical Boards.  See their website at and the United States Medical Licensing Examination website at

Exam Locations: Computerized sites, see above for notation.

Experience Requirement: Two years pre-professional education, a minimum of four-academic years medical education from a medical school recognized by the Medical Board of California with diploma and one or two-year Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada approved/slotted post-graduate training.

Average Time to Process Application: 60 days for initial review.

Renewal Period: Biennially (every second year).

Special License Requirements: N/A

Comments: Please visit for additional information.

Authority: Business and Professions Code, Sections 2080-2099,2100-2115,2135,2135.5,2141,2143,2151,2170,2184.