Information for the License:

Nuclear Medicine Technologist (NMT)

Licensing Agency:

Agency or Department Name:  Department of Public Health
Board or Council Name:  Radiologic Health Branch
Division Name: Registration and Certification Section
Telephone:  (916) 327-5106
Agency Web Address:

License Description:
     (Always confirm this information with the licensing agency.)

Nuclear Medicine Technology Certificates (CNMT) are issued to individuals performing nuclear medicine technology procedures including one or more of the following:  (1) Diagnostic in vivo and in vitro tests involving measurement of uptake, dilution or excretion, including venipuncture, but not involving imaging; (2) Diagnostic nuclear medicine technology procedures involving imaging, including venipuncture; (3) Use of generators and reagent kits for preparation of radioactive material and (4) Internal radioactive material therapy.  


Certificate in Nuclear Medicine Technology


Application Fee: 	 $ 228.00 
Renewal Fee:      	 $ 261.00 (five-year renewal period)


(1) Submission of required application form, non-refundable application fee and (2) Pass a CDPH-RHB approved examination in nuclear medicine technology or submit evidence of having passed an examination equivalent to that administered by CDPH-RHB and offered by one of the following:  (a) Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board, (b) American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or (c) American Society of Clinical Pathologists.


Examinations are administered by ARRT on behalf of CDPH-RHB.  ARRT determines examination fees.  PearsonVue Testing Centers are located throughout the United States.  


CNMT authorization is valid only under the supervision of a nuclear medicine physician or a licensed clinical bioanalyst.  


California Code of Regulations, Title 17 (17 CCR), sections 30500-30543.
Health and Safety Code (HSC) sections 107150-107175.