Sample 1 - State of California

Training Program Summary

Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician
Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician. A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of clinical laboratory scientists/medical technologists, to perform routine medical laboratory procedures and tests and to apply preset strategies to record and analyze data. Includes instruction in general laboratory procedures and skills; laboratory mathematics; medical computer applications; interpersonal and communications skills; and the basic principles of hematology; medical microbiology; immunohematology; immunology; clinical chemistry, and urinalysis.
Training Providers for Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician in California
Provider Name
Program Name
American College of Medical Technology Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician 
Merced College Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician 
Newbridge College Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician 
San Diego County ROP SDCOE/JCCS Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician 
San Jose State University Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician 
Vallejo Adult School Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician 
Shasta - Trinity Regional Occupational Program Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician 
Ventura County Regional Occupational Program Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician 

Occupations for Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician in California
Occupation TitleEstimated Year - Projected YearEmploymentEmployment Change Minimum Educational Requirement View Video
Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary2010 - 202016,30019,4003,10019.0 Master`s degree  
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians2010 - 202016,90019,4002,50014.8 Associate degree View Video