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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
Training Program Summary
Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.)
Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.). A program that prepares individuals for ordination as ministers or priests in any of the Christian religious traditions. Includes instruction in the theology and polity of a particular church, church law, liturgy and ritual, principles of pastoral ministry, homiletics, evangelism, church/parish organization and management, Christian ethics, church history, and related studies.
Training Providers for Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) in California
Provider Name
Program Name
Pacific School of Religion Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Bay Cities Bible College Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
The Master`s Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Harvest Bible College Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Life University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
California Trinity Bible College & Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Emerson Theological Institute Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
San Francisco Theological Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Promise Christian University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Hope International University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
St. Michael`s Academy Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
California State Christian University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Trinity Life Bible College Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Bethel Seminary San Diego Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
I M I Bible College and Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Azusa Pacific University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Starr King School for the Ministry Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
American Baptist Seminary of the West Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Franciscan School of Theology Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Shiloh Bible College Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Wisdom University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
William Jessup University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Southern California Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Bethesda Christian University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
International Theological Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
K.P.C.A. Presbyterian Theological Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Logos Evangelical Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Southern Baptist College and Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
The King`s College and Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Saint Patrick`s Seminary Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Bethany College of the Assemblies of God Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Trinity Biblical University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Christian Pacific Bible College Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Calvary Bible College Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Church Divinity School of the Pacific Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 
Simpson University Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) 

Occupations for Divinity/Ministry (BD, MDiv.) in California
Occupation TitleEstimated Year - Projected YearEmploymentEmployment Change Minimum Educational Requirement View Video
Clergy2014 - 202412,50013,3008006.4 Bachelor`s degree
Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary2014 - 20242,2002,60040018.2 Doctor`s degree  
Clergy2014 - 202412,50013,3008006.4 Bachelor`s degree
Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary2014 - 20242,2002,60040018.2 Doctor`s degree