Sample 1 - State of California

Training Program Summary

Bible/Biblical Studies
Bible/Biblical Studies. A program that focuses on the Christian and/or Jewish Bible and related literature, with an emphasis on understanding and interpreting the theological, doctrinal, and ethical messages contained therein. May include preparation for applying these studies in various religious vocations.
Training Providers for Bible/Biblical Studies in California
Provider Name
Program Name
Bay Cities Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Patten College Bible/Biblical Studies 
William Jessup University Bible/Biblical Studies 
California Christian College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Southern California Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Latin American Bible Institute Bible/Biblical Studies 
Evangelia University Bible/Biblical Studies 
Life Pacific College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Aenon Bible College and Learning Bible/Biblical Studies 
Living Word Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Master`s College and Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Fuller Theological Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Cladic Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Biola University Bible/Biblical Studies 
Bethesda Christian University Bible/Biblical Studies 
Bethesda Christian University Bible/Biblical Studies 
International Theological Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Logos Evangelical Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
West Angeles Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
The King`s College and Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Harvest Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Reed Christian College and Theological Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Streamliners Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
California Trinity Bible College & Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Truth Theological Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Pacific Baptist College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Baptist Bible College West Bible/Biblical Studies 
San Francisco Theological Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Christian Life International Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Village Baptist Church Bible/Biblical Studies 
Promise Christian University Bible/Biblical Studies 
Pacific Union College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Vanguard University Bible/Biblical Studies 
Hope International University Bible/Biblical Studies 
Southern California Theological Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Alliance Evangelical Divinity School Bible/Biblical Studies 
Chafer Theological Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Weimar College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Southwest Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Calvary Chapel Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Community Christian College Bible/Biblical Studies 
San Diego Christian Center Bible/Biblical Studies 
Point Loma Nazarene University Bible/Biblical Studies 
I M I Bible College and Seminary Bible/Biblical Studies 
Cathedral Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Northern California Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Shasta Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Trinity Biblical University Bible/Biblical Studies 
Global Bible Institute Bible/Biblical Studies 
Christian Pacific Bible College Bible/Biblical Studies 
Simpson University Bible/Biblical Studies 

Occupations for Bible/Biblical Studies in California
Occupation TitleEstimated Year - Projected YearEmploymentEmployment Change Minimum Educational Requirement View Video
Directors, Religious Activities and Education2010 - 20207,5008,30080010.7 Bachelor`s degree  
Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary2010 - 20202,2002,70050022.7 Doctor`s degree