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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
Training Program Summary
Barbering/Barber. A program that prepares individuals to shave and trim facial/neck hair and beards, cut and dress hair, fit hairpieces, give facial and scalp massages, apply cosmetic treatments, and to prepare for licensure as professional barbers at various levels. Includes instruction in facial shaving; beard and mustache shaping and trimming; shampooing; hair cutting; hair styles and styling art; facial treatments and massage; chemical applications; hair and scalp anatomy and physiology; hairpiece and toupee fitting; equipment operation; health and safety; customer service; and shop business practices.
Training Providers for Barbering/Barber in California
Provider Name
Program Name
Moler Barber College Barbering/Barber 
World Vision College of Cosmetology , Inc Barbering/Barber 
Lyle`s Fresno Shaw & Marks College of Beauty - West Shaw Barbering/Barber 
Lyle`s College of Beauty Barbering/Barber 
Lyles Bakersfield College of Beauty Inc Barbering/Barber 
Bakersfield Barber College, Inc. Barbering/Barber 
Lancaster Beauty School Barbering/Barber 
Canyon Country Beauty College Barbering/Barber 
American Barber College Barbering/Barber 
American Beauty College Barbering/Barber 
John Wesley International Barber & Beauty College Barbering/Barber 
Borner`s Barber College Barbering/Barber 
Healthy Hair Academy Barbering/Barber 
Hair California Beauty Academy Barbering/Barber 
The Real Barbers College Barbering/Barber 
Associated Barber College of San Diego Barbering/Barber 
Federico Career College - Fresno Barbering/Barber 
Moler Barber College and School Barbering/Barber 
Mojave Barber College Barbering/Barber 
Los Angeles County ROP Barbering/Barber 
Valley Institute of Hair Design Barbering/Barber 
California Barber & Beauty College Barbering/Barber 
Professional Schools of Beauty, Fashion, and Arts, Inc. Barbering/Barber 
Advance Beauty Techs Academy Barbering/Barber 
San Francisco Barber College Barbering/Barber 
Bayview Barber College Barbering/Barber 
Stockton Barber College Barbering/Barber 
San Jose Barber College Barbering/Barber 
Deloux Cosmetology Barbering/Barber 
San Bernardino Adult Education Barbering/Barber 
Colton- Redlands- Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program Barbering/Barber 
Humboldt Bay Barber College Barbering/Barber 
Marin County Regional Occupational Program Barbering/Barber 
Kern High School District Regional Occupational Program Barbering/Barber 
Central Sierra Regional Occupational Program Barbering/Barber 

Occupations for Barbering/Barber in California
Occupation TitleEstimated Year - Projected YearEmploymentEmployment Change Minimum Educational Requirement View Video
Barbers2014 - 20244,0004,80080020.0 Post secondary vocational training  
Barbers2014 - 20244,0004,80080020.0 Post secondary vocational training