Sample 1 - State of California

Training Program Summary

Animal Training
Animal Training. A program that prepares individuals to teach and exercise animals for leisure, sport, show, and professional purposes. Includes instruction in animal psychology, health, and safety; human-animal interaction; learning and behavior styles associated with different breeds and species; and the technical and pedagogical aspects of training animals for such specific functions as obedient household pets, performing show animals, animal athletes, care-giving (e.g., seeing-eye dogs), search and rescue, and police/security work.
Training Providers for Animal Training in California
Provider Name
Program Name
Pro - Train Institute Animal Training 
Uncle Matty Dog Training Center Animal Training 
Dog Lovers Animal Training 
Silent Knights Animal Training 
Balu Academy for Dog Trainers Animal Training 
San Francisco SPCA Dog Trainer Academy Animal Training 
Bonnie Bergin Assistance Dog Institute Animal Training 
Moorpark College Animal Training 
Animal Behavior College Animal Training 
4 Paws Training Animal Training 

Occupations for Animal Training in California
Occupation TitleEstimated Year - Projected YearEmploymentEmployment Change Minimum Educational Requirement View Video
Animal Trainers2010 - 20203,9004,40050012.8 Moderate-term on-the-job training (1-12 months)