California LaborMarketInfo6/25/2017
tax in California
Area NameTax Type DescriptionYearPeriodTax Revenue
California Alcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees 2012Annual$357,000,000
California Bank and Corporation (Income) Taxes 2012Annual$7,462,000,000
California Cigarette Tax 2012Annual$868,703,000
California Estate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes 2012Annual$0
California Horse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees 2012Annual$14,088,000
California Insurance Gross Premiums Tax 2012Annual$2,242,379,000
California Misc. Minor Revenues 2012Annual$16,686,265,000
California Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax 2012Annual$5,492,850,000
California Motor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees 2012Annual$1,952,822,000
California Motor Vehicle Registration Fees 2012Annual$3,890,492,000
California Personal Income Tax 2012Annual$66,809,000,000
California Retail Sales and Use Taxes 2012Annual$21,122,106,000