Sample 1 - State of California

Historical Data for State Revenues by Source in California

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2011AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $7,949,000,000
2011AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $5,544,530,000
2011AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $3,836,019,000
2011AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,416,073,000
2011AnnualCigarette Tax $895,677,000
2011AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $346,000,000
2011AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $23,096,000
2011AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $15,838,000
2011AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2010AnnualPersonal Income Tax $50,507,441,000