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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
Historical Data for Median Price of Existing Homes Sold (DQnews) in California
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2016NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$502,274
2015NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$475,662
2014NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$457,255
2012NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$384,976
2010NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$296,820
2009NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$304,520
2008NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$285,680
2007NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$488,640
2006NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$555,290
2005NovMedian Price of Homes Sold$548,400

Data from the California Association of Realtors