Sample 1 - State of California

Historical Data for Population in California

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2012AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance37,826,160
2011AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance37,570,307
2010AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance37,309,382
2009AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance38,487,889
2008AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance38,134,496
2007AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance37,674,415
2006AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance37,274,618
2005AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance36,899,392
2004AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance36,454,471
2003AnnualCalifornia Dept of Finance35,944,213