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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
Historical Data for Measures of Income in Ventura County
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2013AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$50,507839,620
2013AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$42,406,474839,620
2012AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$49,982834,398
2012AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$41,704,934834,398
2011AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$45,855831,771
2011AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$38,141,164831,771
2010AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$44,653825,445
2010AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$36,858,409825,445
2009AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$45,908802,983
2008AnnualMedian Household Income - Small Area Income Estimates (Census Bureau)$76,190N/A