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Paving, Surfacing, and Tamping Equipment Operators
2015 Wages

GeographyMedian HourlyMedian Annually
Butte County$22.90$47,639
East Bay Area$24.33$50,618
Fresno County$23.36$48,591
Inland Empire Area$27.53$57,276
Kern County$22.25$46,281
Kings County$22.47$46,727
Los Angeles County$24.34$50,628
Monterey County$24.33$50,608
Mother Lode Region$24.33$50,608
Napa County$24.33$50,608
North Coast Region$23.83$49,564
North Valley Region$24.33$50,618
Northern Mountains Region$22.25$46,281
Sacramento Metro Area$23.37$48,612
San Benito and Santa Clara Counties$22.25$46,281
San Diego County$24.92$51,834
San Francisco Bay Area$29.94$62,252
San Joaquin County$22.25$46,281
San Luis Obispo County$24.33$50,618
Santa Cruz County$23.01$47,872
Shasta County$24.13$50,182
Sonoma County$30.19$62,789
Stanislaus County$23.37$48,602
Tulare County$22.39$46,555
Ventura County$24.98$51,946
Source: Employment Development Department
Labor Market Information Division