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Graders and Sorters, Agricultural Products
2013 Wages

GeographyMedian HourlyMedian Annually
Fresno County$9.04$18,803
Inland Empire Area$8.86$18,427
Kern County$8.85$18,423
Los Angeles County$9.69$20,155
Madera County$9.14$19,003
Merced County$9.45$19,644
Monterey County$10.01$20,836
North Valley Region$12.33$25,629
Northern Mountains Region$10.23$21,267
Orange County$9.02$18,780
San Benito and Santa Clara Counties$9.32$19,386
San Diego County$9.88$20,562
San Joaquin County$9.02$18,781
Sonoma County$9.38$19,515
Stanislaus County$8.91$18,540
Sutter and Yuba Counties$9.39$19,532
Tulare County$8.99$18,718
Ventura County$9.21$19,149
Source: Employment Development Department
Labor Market Information Division