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Public Relations Specialists
2015 Wages

GeographyMedian HourlyMedian Annually
Butte County$19.59$40,741
East Bay Area$31.59$65,695
Eastern Sierra Region$27.09$56,356
Fresno County$25.74$53,538
Imperial County$25.79$53,629
Inland Empire Area$24.68$51,327
Kern County$23.48$48,843
Kings County$29.41$61,173
Los Angeles County$31.60$65,725
Madera County$21.54$44,787
Merced County$31.59$65,705
Monterey County$26.82$55,778
North Coast Region$25.87$53,801
North Valley Region$20.70$43,043
Northern Mountains Region$31.63$65,786
Sacramento Metro Area$32.55$67,703
San Benito and Santa Clara Counties$40.27$83,764
San Diego County$29.68$61,720
San Francisco Bay Area$34.40$71,556
San Joaquin County$28.00$58,232
San Luis Obispo County$25.67$53,396
Santa Cruz County$23.97$49,867
Shasta County$26.00$54,075
Solano County$28.94$60,199
Sonoma County$31.80$66,141
Stanislaus County$26.54$55,190
Sutter and Yuba Counties$30.74$63,941
Tulare County$17.08$35,529
Ventura County$28.12$58,486
Source: Employment Development Department
Labor Market Information Division