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Directors, Religious Activities and Education
2017 Wages

GeographyMedian HourlyMedian Annually
East Bay Area$23.24$48,343
Fresno County$16.55$34,430
Imperial County$12.64$26,278
Inland Empire Area$16.99$35,331
Kern County$11.24$23,382
Los Angeles County$23.66$49,214
Monterey County$17.13$35,645
Northern Mountains Region$14.50$30,177
San Benito and Santa Clara Counties$20.04$41,670
San Diego County$19.70$40,971
San Francisco Bay Area$29.69$61,751
Santa Cruz County$19.59$40,749
Shasta County$15.19$31,584
Solano County$16.56$34,450
Sonoma County$20.97$43,614
Stanislaus County$15.34$31,898
Tulare County$15.93$33,144
Source: Employment Development Department
Labor Market Information Division