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Geoscientists, Except Hydrologists and Geographers
2017 Wages

GeographyMedian HourlyMedian Annually
East Bay Area$40.74$84,738
Fresno County$49.63$103,228
Inland Empire Area$52.93$110,094
Kern County$58.25$121,142
Los Angeles County$40.57$84,383
Monterey County$66.31$137,921
North Coast Region$38.50$80,090
Northern Mountains Region$46.92$97,588
Sacramento Metro Area$48.52$100,920
San Benito and Santa Clara Counties$54.83$114,064
San Diego County$42.28$87,938
San Francisco Bay Area$52.93$110,094
San Joaquin County$33.53$69,740
San Luis Obispo County$49.63$103,218
Santa Cruz County$47.89$99,603
Shasta County$40.81$84,869
Sonoma County$41.71$86,753
Stanislaus County$44.66$92,889
Ventura County$44.09$91,705
Source: Employment Development Department
Labor Market Information Division