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Marketing Managers
2014 Wages

GeographyMedian HourlyMedian Annually
Butte County$45.07$93,742
East Bay Area$73.24$152,331
Fresno County$42.35$88,080
Inland Empire Area$56.54$117,601
Kern County$64.65$134,477
Los Angeles County$62.58$130,165
Madera County$58.30$121,258
Monterey County$61.00$126,870
Napa County$73.35$152,552
North Coast Region$47.76$99,334
North Valley Region$56.43$117,369
Northern Mountains Region$54.22$112,774
Sacramento Metro Area$52.02$108,190
San Benito and Santa Clara Counties$.00$
San Diego County$64.76$134,719
San Francisco Bay Area$78.43$163,121
San Joaquin County$55.21$114,850
San Luis Obispo County$56.31$117,137
Santa Cruz County$58.67$122,024
Shasta County$55.48$115,384
Solano County$63.96$133,046
Sonoma County$58.94$122,588
Stanislaus County$51.97$108,089
Sutter and Yuba Counties$45.85$95,384
Ventura County$61.56$128,039
Source: Employment Development Department
Labor Market Information Division