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LMI Help for Workers in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industries

Workers affected by the decline in Southern California's mortgage and real estate industries can benefit from career reports designed to identify related occupations that require skills they may already have.

The reports for each occupation profile five to seven related occupations that require many of the same skills, knowledge, and abilities.  Information available for each related occupation includes a short description of the job, average wages, length of training required, and job outlook.  Skills information is also provided to help with resume writing and interviews.

Related occupations were identified for six occupations most affected by the downturn in the mortgage and real estate industries:

The related occupations show average or faster-than-average growth expected in Southern California, jobs that also offer good earnings.  Almost 38,000 job openings are expected in the affected five regions each year for these related occupations between 2004 and 2014.  Openings reflect both growth and replacement needs expected due to those leaving because of retirement or other reasons.

Although these profiles were created specifically for workers in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego, and the Inland Empire (includes Riverside and San Bernardino) areas, workers living in other California regions may find them useful.  The wages and job outlook for other areas are available on the Occupation Profile.

To find employers in your area that may have job openings.  Search by industry, occupation, geography or name.

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