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Green Activities - State of Oregon

Oregon has created a green jobs page on the web, posting all of state research and articles, and soon links to recent green job openings in the state.

Green Jobs: A Survey of Oregon's Natural Resources Industries Employers

The Greening of Oregon's Workforce, Jobs, Wages and Training

Oregon’s Renewable Energy Production and Generation Sector
Oregon was awarded a $1.25-million Green Jobs Labor Market Information Improvement Grant in December 2009 aimed at increasing the state’s understanding of green jobs. One goal of the grant is to identify Oregon’s green sectors and track employment and wages in those sectors over time. The Renewable Energy Production and Generation Sector is the first to be studied under the grant.

The Greening of Oregon's Workforce: Jobs, Wages, and Training
Purpose: Baseline Information for Workforce Policy-Makers
The Oregon Employment Department has completed a survey of green jobs in Oregon. The purpose of our survey was to estimate the number of green jobs in Oregon and to gather key information for workforce and training policy-makers, as they seek to ensure Oregon has a workforce ready for the opportunities pro- vided by a greening economy. We also attempted to identify future growth trends in green jobs.

The Greening of Oregon's Workforce: Natural Resource Jobs and Employer Needs

Oregon Green Job Survey

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