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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
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About the Green Economy Survey

In May 2009, the California Employment Development Department Labor Market Information Division launched the Green Economy Survey in collaboration with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Economic Strategy Panel, California Workforce Investment Board, Air Resources Board, Community Colleges Centers of Excellence, and the California Energy Commission.

The Survey was mailed to a random stratified sample of 51,100 California employers representing all industries, size classes, and counties.

Survey Objectives:

  • Obtain an estimate of the current number of green jobs in California
  • Identify the current and changing business practices that are helping California to achieve a cleaner, more sustainable environment, in terms of both producers and users of green or sustainable technology/energy
  • Identify the occupations that are emerging in our movement toward a more green economy
  • Identify resources and strategies to assist businesses in cutting costs by reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions
Target Response Rate and Timeline:

  • Target response rate: 50 percent
  • May/June 2009: Surveys mailed to employers
  • December 2009: Preliminary findings report
Survey Methodology:

  • Survey Package Development
  • Survey Questionnaire
  • Sample Development
  • Drawing the Sample
  • Sample Refinement
  • Mailing Survey Packages
  • Preliminary Results
  • Generating Estimates
  • Final Benchmark Results
  • Response Rate
For more information contact:

Cynthia Solorio, Manager
(916) 262-2202

Instructions | "Sample" Survey | Survey Results | Methodology | GIS Maps

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