Sample 1 - State of California
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Ask an Economist -- What are the occupations in highest demand?

Typically, "demand" occupations are those occupations that have added the most jobs solely through industry growth.  The table, Top 100 Growing Occupations in California, provides a list of the top 100 demand occupations in California.

Another measure of demand is the occupations with the most projected new job openings.  Job openings are all new vacancies created from industry expansion and workers leaving the labor force.  Tables of the "Occupations with Most Job Openings" are available on our Web site for the State and local areas.

The list of most job openings and most growth are very similar except in those occupations that have a large amount of turnover or are made up of workers about to retire.  These occupations would need more replacement workers and would therefore create more job openings (growth created by industry expansion + replacements).

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