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Ask an Economist -- I have worked 10 years for a non profit and was laid off in March 2008 due to an -at will- status of my employment. Should I be looking for a job in the for profit market?

We cannot predict whether you would have more success finding a job with a for-profit versus non-profit employer. Most likely it is the job skills you possess that will be the key factor in an employer's decision to hire you. So unless you believe that your job skills are exclusively limited to non-profit organizations, then you should consider applying to all organizations, either for-profit or non-profit, that interest you.

In your job search, one of the sources you may want to use is the Employment Development Department's CalJOBSSM program. This free job matching program not only allows you to search for employers who are currently hiring, but also allows you to enter your resume online so that employers can see if you interest them. The link to CalJOBSSM is

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