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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
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Contingent Workers Bolster California Work Force (Continued)

  Who are the Contingent Workers?
  Contingent Job Characteristics
  Hours and Earnings
Who are the Contingent Workers?

Contingent workers are more likely than permanent workers to be young (under the age of 25), female, Hispanic, and single.  In the most recent survey, in 2005, nearly one out of every three (30 percent) contingent workers was less than 25 years old, 56 percent were less than 35 years of age, and 53 percent were single.  Women and Hispanics were more likely to work contingent jobs than permanent jobs (48 versus 44 percent for women and 37 versus 30 percent for Hispanics).  The lower one's educational attainment, the higher was the incidence of contingent work.  Nearly half (48 percent) of contingent workers had a high school diploma or less, compared to 35 percent of permanent workers.  One out of every six (17 percent) contingent workers had not attended any high school.

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