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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
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The Links between California and National Projections (Continued)

  The Link between National and State Industry Projections
  The Link between National and State Occupational Projections
The Link between National and State Occupational Projections

California's state and local area occupational projections also contain significant connections to national projections. The most important link is the projected net replacement rate developed for each occupation by the BLS.  These rates are applied to California employment figures to estimate the number of job openings that are likely to be filled by young adults entering the workforce for the first time or older workers who are reentering the workforce.  The resulting net replacement figures are included in all occupational projection reports.  A detailed explanation of how these rates are developed can be found at:

Another important national component used in developing occupational projections are BLS change factors.  These coefficients are developed to account for changes in industry staffing patterns over time.  A detailed explanation of change factors is contained in the national projection methods at:

Finally, the education and training required for each occupation is developed by BLS, reviewed for suitability for California, and published in all occupational projection reports.  A detailed look at education and training levels can be found at:

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