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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
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Explore Nearly 300 Occupations with California Occupational Guides! (Continued)

  What are the Occupational Guides?
  Tips for Exploring Occupations Using the Guides
Tips for Exploring Occupations Using the Guides

Are you ready to begin researching occupations using the California Occupational Guides?  Simply follow the helpful steps below and good luck with your journey:
  • Browse the Alphabetical Index for job titles that arouse your curiosity or sound interesting.
  • If you are having difficulty locating a job title, look up the job title or keyword on the Occupation CodeFinder.  The CodeFinder returns a list of matching occupations and links to the online Occupation Profile.
  • Familiarize yourself with the interest area definitions in the Guide Introduction and use the Interest Area Index to locate occupations that best fit your interests.
  • First read about an occupation as a start in career decision-making.  Then talk to local people who actually work in the occupation to add more insight into the pros and cons of an occupation.  Reading the Guide first will give you enough background to form meaningful questions.  Use the yellow pages and local chapters of professional associations to locate persons who would be willing to give you a few minutes of time to answer questions about their profession.
  • Complete the "Factors in Choosing a Career" worksheet located in the introduction section of the Guides.  This worksheet is a helpful tool for recording your impressions as you explore and compare occupations.

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