Sample 1 - State of California
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Methodology for Generating Labor Force Data (Continued)

  CA and LA-LB-Glendale MD - Time Series Models
  Substate Labor Force Data - LAUS Method
  Sub-County Areas - Census Share Method
  Cautions When Using These Data
Sub-County Areas - Census Share Method

The LMID derives monthly labor force data for sub-county areas by multiplying current estimates of county-wide employment and unemployment by the respective employment and unemployment shares (percentages) for each sub-county area at the time of the 2000 Census.
Sub-county labor force is then obtained by summing employment and unemployment, and the result is divided into unemployment to calculate the unemployment rate.

This method assumes that the rates of change in employment and unemployment, since 2000, are exactly the same in each sub-county area as at the county level (i.e., that the shares are still accurate).  If this assumption is not true for a specific sub-county area, then the estimates for that area may not be representative of the current economic conditions.  Since this assumption is untested, caution should be employed when using these data.

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