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Need More? Just Ask! (Continued)

  Customized Services, Maps and Data Tabulations
  Customized Services
  Customized Data Runs
  Confidential Data Requests
Customized Data Runs

Customized Data Runs:

Upon request, LMID staff works with customers to provide custom data tabulations for customers requiring greater industry or geographic detail than published on the web site. Customers may request detailed tabulations of employment, payroll, and/or number of employers by ZIP code, county, or state, as well as by industry.  Historical data are available by quarter from 1990.  Other custom tabulations including mapped and/or geo-coded data, industry-specific staffing patterns for a local area, special occupational wage tabulations, and occupational skills tabulations/ analyses may also be available.

All tabulations are screened for confidentiality as required by law.

To request customized data runs, start with your local Labor Market Consultant. You can find them at:  As needed, they will respond to your need personally, or refer you to staff specialists, and provide an estimate of any costs associated with the work, as well as an estimate of the time it would take to complete the work.

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