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Need More? Just Ask! (Continued)

  Customized Services, Maps and Data Tabulations
  Customized Services
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Customized Services

Ensure a Business Advantage

You save time and money when you go to the Labor Market Information Division.  Labor Market Consultants have experience working with employment data and are skilled in research methods and data presentation services.  You can gain valuable insight into the latest economic and employment trends when you use our data and professional services.  Our consultants can help you gain a business advantage.

Benefit from High Quality Research Services

You receive high quality research services without having to invest in full time research staff.  Expect data that is focused, organized, and customized to the particular area that meets your specific objectives.

Access Local Expert Advice

Located throughout the State, our Labor Market Consultants work in the local communities they serve. Consultants can help you track employment trends, project future employment conditions, and provide or connect you to other research services available in Labor Market Information Division, such as Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping tools.  Call your local Labor Market Consultant for more information.

To request customized services, or for more information, start with your local Labor Market Consultant. You can find them at:  The consultant can help you define your needs personally or refer you to staff specialists when appropriate.  LMID staff will provide an estimate of any costs associated with the work, as well as an estimate of the time it would take to complete the work.

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