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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
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Calculating Sub-county Area Labor Force Data for Historical Time Periods (Continued)

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Calculate City Data

To calculate sub-county area labor force data, multiply the county employment and unemployment figures by the respective employment and unemployment ratios for the desired sub-area.  The results represent the employment and unemployment for the sub-area for that time period.

Civilian labor force is the sum of the area’s employment and unemployment.  The unemployment rate is calculated by dividing unemployment by the civilian labor force then multiply by 100.


Using the data above, calculate the unemployment rate for the City of Ione in Amador County for January 2008.

Ratios for City of Ione (2000 Census):
    Employment: 0.100661
    Unemployment: 0.072581
Data for Amador County (January 2008):
    Employment: 16,870
    Unemployment: 1,370
Calculations for City of Ione for January 2008:
    Employment: 0.100661 * 16,870 = 1,698
    Unemployment: 0.072581 * 1,370 = 99
    Civilian Labor Force: 1,698 + 99 = 1,797
    Unemployment Rate: (99 / 1797) x 100 = 5.5%

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