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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
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Calculating Sub-county Area Labor Force Data for Historical Time Periods (Continued)

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Find County Data

Now find the county labor force file containing employment and unemployment data for the time period of interest to you.  The best files to use are the historical data available on the Labor Force page.  These files are available for individual counties.  Here is a sample of this file:
Civilian Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment 

Amador County

March 2007 Benchmark;  Data are not seasonally adjusted

Notes:  1) The unemployment rate is calculated using unrounded data.
        2) Labor force data for all geographic areas for 1990 to 2007 now reflect the March 2007
          annual revision (or benchmark) and Census 2000 population controls at the state level. Source: Employment Development Department, Labor Market Information          Division, 916-262-2162, 2008 Labor Force Employment Unemployment U.E. Rate January 18,240 16,870 1,370 7.5% February 18,220 16,920 1,300 7.2% March 18,320 16,940 1,380 7.5%
You can also find the county data in "Labor Force Data for Counties Report".  These reports list labor force data for all counties by month.

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