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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department
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The New and Improved LaborMarketInfo Web Site (Continued)

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  Improvements to LaborMarketInfo
Improvements to LaborMarketInfo

Improvements to LaborMarketInfo include:
Easier navigation and access to EDD pages.
A new navigation at the top in the gold bar provides easy access to the five main components of LaborMarketInfo from every page. In addition, tabs across the top link to the other pages and services of the Employment Development Department.
Shorter, easier to read, and less cluttered pages
Rather than long, cumbersome pages, pages are now shorter with more white space. Individual topics now have their own page rather than squeezed altogether on a single page.
Special customer group pages with targeted tasks and links
Our new "Customer Center" has links to our largest customer groups. These special pages are task-oriented with links to the data needed most by that customer.
Shorter Internet addresses
Our efforts to simplify the site includes the address, or URL, of most of our pages. We shortened the addresses where we could. For example, the "Data Library" used to be "" but now it is "". If your bookmarks and links have changed, you will see the new link and a note to update your information.

If your organization's Web site contains links to LaborMarketInfo, please review those links to ensure they point to the most appropriate page.
We value the feedback of our customers! If you have comments or suggestions, please send us a message. When you click on this link a new window will open. Select the Category "Labor Market Information" and the Topic, "Suggestion".

Or call our Information Desk at 916-262-2162.

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