Information for the License:

Geotechnical Engineer

Licensing Agency:

Agency or Department Name:  Department of Consumer Affairs
Board or Council Name:  Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists
Division Name: Geologists and Geophysicists Program
Telephone:  (916) 263-2222
Agency Web Address:

License Description:
     (Always confirm this information with the licensing agency.)

Geotechnical Engineer

Examination Requirement: 8-hour California Geotechnical Engineering examination.

Fees: Application: For current fee schedule, please refer to the Board's website at

Background Check: Completing a background check is required for licensure. All applicants are required to submit fingerprints prior to sitting for examination. This applies to all new and refile applicants. For more information, please refer to the Board’s website at:

Examination Frequency: Year-round examination cycle. Please refer to the Board's website at:

Exam Locations: Statewide at designated locations. Please refer to the Board's website at:

Experience Requirement: Four (4) years of responsible charge experience in geotechnical engineering after licensure as a Civil Engineer, less a maximum of one year credit for post-graduate education (if not previously used). Applicants must have a valid, unexpired license as a Civil Engineer in California. Please refer to the Board's website at:

Average Time to Process Application: Three (3) months.

Renewal: Every two (2) years. For renewal information, please refer to the Board's website at:

Authority: Business and Professions Code, Chapter 7, Section 6763.