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Labor Market Information Websites Across the Nation

Thinking about a move?

  • Job seekers think about moving to take a better job.
  • Businesses consider relocating or expanding into another area.
  • Economic developers compare their area with others.
  • Workforce partners need information on other labor markets.

Whatever your intent, you want to do your homework before you make a move-learn about job opportunities, labor supply, growth trends and wages in the new area. If the moves are within California, you can find the information you need, right here on LaborMarketInfo-start with a Local Area Profile. But if you are considering moving to another state, how can you decide if it will be a good decision for you? Information!

Each State Labor Market Information (LMI) program gathers industry and occupational data, and produces employment projections, using the same nationally designed methods and classification systems. Each state has an LMI website. That means you can find comparable data for every state in the nation.

Listed below are thirteen states, including most of the western states, that have websites structured much like our LaborMarketInfo site, and offer a Local Area Profile feature.

Additional Resources

  • The National Association of State Workforce Agencies provides a gateway to the state LMI websites.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) At a Glance tables allow you to select a state or region, and the type of data you need, or get national data.
  • BLS publishes national employment projections, or find the state and local projections on the state LMI websites.